Career change to painting and decorating?

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Career change to painting and decorating?

Post by ryan84 » Sun Apr 29, 2018 11:25 am

Hi all,
I’m currently looking for a career change and would like to start painting and decorating, currently I’m in the cab trade. And it’s just getting harder by the week. I have a mortgage and 3 kids, and would like to get learning ASAP. Would you suggest a NVQ/CITY AND GUILDS or any good INTENSIVE course? I know the right route should be apprentice but at my age (33) i live in essex..I can’t afford to drop to apprentices money. Hopefully it’s not to late to change my career in life.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Course? Where to start? What to expect and not to expect.

Great forum by the way. 👍🏼

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Re: Career change to painting and decorating?

Post by Colin » Sun Apr 29, 2018 12:27 pm

Hi Ryan. The main problem would be (in my view) with domestic work you need a back-bone of regulars who trust you to do a good job, and even if you got qualified and some knowledge of what to do, it takes a long time to build up that stream of steady years. A few adverts in the paper or Facebook or whatever aren't going to keep the money coming in at a steady rate.
The alternative is to work for an established dec. and get some qualifications by onsite assessment. If you are useful enough, then another decorator should think you are worth more than apprentice wages.
The last option is to get into a commercial firm as a labourer and work your way up. It would be a lot of working away, some crap working conditions, but they're always looking for painters. You probably never make it to true self-employment though.
It's not an easy thing to just jump into, but if you are positive about it and dead keen, you should be able to find an opening somewhere......good luck

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