Matching after splicing

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Matching after splicing

Post by Elum » Tue Jul 30, 2019 1:07 pm

Hi Guys,

Am I right in thinking that it’s not possible to get a match 100% after overlapping and splicing? About to hang under a windowsill with a matching anaglypta with quite a bold pattern...

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Re: Matching after splicing

Post by Tru88le » Mon Nov 25, 2019 3:20 pm

Hi, Personally I disagree, its obviously harder to achieve with an embossed or heavy paper but possible.
Personally I would tear across from the top downwards to form a wafer thin broken edge half an inch past the lower layer (so it stays overlapped but with less thickness) should be entirely invisible but be careful that the very fine feathery edge doesnt get turned back on itself at any point or wrinkle. Then your left with a visible line from the bottom layer of the overlap showing , to which you can do the same tearing but upwards to slope it and thus losing the defined edge that would otherwise be visible. In fact do the lower layer first to save lifting the delicate upper edge twice.
Will look for a pic i have, Ive had the overlap look invisible even before painting but when coated up it will be impossible to see if matched well as the feathered edge is fine enough to lay over and follow the contours of the embossed pattern.

Do the overlaps close enough that the paper thickness stays the same as a slight bulge will draw attention to the area. As may a dip.
Dab with a soft sponge to flatten.
This works with any regular paper coloured, patterned etc.

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